Every Adult Should Have a Bedtime

(The Cut)

Not only is a regular bedtime just about the most enjoyable habit available to us living things, but it is extremely good for us. Surveying a group of nearly 2,000 “healthy” sleepers (i.e. no diagnosed sleep disorders) between the ages of 45 and 84, researchers from the Duke University Medical Center found that adults who experience insufficient sleep duration, interrupted sleep cycles, and irregular bed- and waking-times face increased cardiometabolic risk, which refers to the risk for health issues like cardiovascular disease, greater obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

I am SO not at risk of any of these things. I just know my productiviy goes down after midnight and my desier to stay up for no good reason increases. Staying up usually wins. I am a marathon sleeper. I am super good at sleeping, once I get there. I just wish I could start it earlier. This is probably never going to happen. But don’t let me set a bad example.