Universal Broadband Won’t Save Us

(The Nation)

All of this isn’t to say that we don’t need universal broadband access; we unequivocally do. The problem isn’t that centrist technocrats seek to broaden Internet access; it’s how they seek to broaden it. As others have argued, leaders should embrace the conceit of Internet access for all, but instead of funneling millions of additional dollars to telecom giants, dedicate broadband policy to serving the public, like any other public utility. At the local level, this prospect has already proven feasible and popular—perhaps a glimpse into how a piecemeal, inchoate series of projects might mature into a robust nationwide public infrastructure.

Connect Local?  Think Local, Connect Global? Local/Global to Table?  Free Range Access? It needs a chatchphrase and the catchphrase needs a movment. A national policy with lots of little local hubs.  Done right this makes the American portion of the global Internet  more secure on multipule levels.