A Really Good Day


I read this as a follow up to Michael Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind.  It covers a lot of the same gound, though Ayelet Waldman comes at if from a diferent place.  Pollan has an emersive journalistic and perhaps a “betterment of well people” perespective. Which is perfectly vaild.  Waldman, in the presentation I will post below, says that her book is “about microdosing.  It’s a book about the history of psychodelics.  It’s a book about the criminal justice system, and its a memoire about my own struggles with mental illness, my marriage my children.”

My big take away from A Really Good Day. is twofold. First, if what you know about drugs and drug abuse comes from casual media consumption you are porbably horribly worng about everything you hold to be true  Second, whatever harm you think the “war on drugs” has done to American culture — it’s far, far, worse.