Instagram! Patient​ Zero For The Orthorexia Epidemic Or Meeting Ground For Recovery​?

People with orthorexia are overly concerned with whether their food is “pure,” “healthy” and “clean” enough, and often restrict their diet to a small number of “safe” foods. Those foods tend to be fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and little else.

While anorexia is an obsession with controlling the amount of food consumed, orthorexia is an obsession with controlling the quality of food consumed. The disorder is thought to have a close connection to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Many people, like Coleman, are believed to experience both anorexia and orthorexia concurrently.

Either way, you seem to end up talking a lot about kale looking at even more pictures of food.  I wouldn’t know since I avoid both Kale and Instagarm.  Though I am told by people in the know I have a lot of followers for someone who has never posted.