The Omnivores Dilemma


As you may know Peter Gabriel titled his first handful of solo albums just Peter Gabriel.  Later critics and fans would start to differentiate them names like Peter Gabriel/Car, Peter Gabriel/Scratch.  I’ve always felt that Peter Gabriel was being cheeky in his choice of titles but simply say here is some music I did, here’s some more.  In starting The Omnivores Dilemma it became quickly apparent to me that Michale Pollan is just telling one big long story.  It just happens to be broken up into books you can read as stand-alone pieces should you choose.  I choose not to.

I am choosing to go back and read the earlier books I have missed.  I want to read them in order and then pick back up with In Defense of Food.  I feel like I have stumbled onto this really great show, but it is already in its fifth season.  So I owe it to myself and the show to start from the beginning.