Big Magic


Every so often I get stuck on what to read next.  I don’t want this. I don’t want that.  This books too heavy for my next read.  This book’s too light.  When this happens for too many days I use this ideation tool.  I go off to a torrent site and see what the people are sharing.  I just skim for something usually a title, knowing the author helps for context but I am really trying to find something, actually a few somethings, I would normally never give a chance.  My rule is to pick some titles and then go get them from the library and give them a chance.  If I don’t like my first book in a few pages or chapters I can move on to my next pick.

Obviously, this is how I found Big Magic.  I would have never ever read this book unless I forced myself to make the wild leap to read something outside my zone.  I told everyone I know who reads and even more people who don’t painters, actors, dancers, entrepreneurs to check this out.  You might want to check it out too!